Please feel free to email us any FAQ’s we have not listed. Your complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and we will keep you up to date on our materials and resources.
The Increase Music Team
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General Jazz Charts Musical Magic
Instrumental Method
Warm Up
How do I order your products?
You can place an order through our website by choosing the product you want to order from the Products menu on our home page. There is a place on each product page for you to place an order. You can also call us toll-free at 877-650-0004. Many music stores carry our products as well. Our website provides a list of suggested retailers. If the music store that you usually purchase music from is not listed, please contact us.
I placed an order through your website. How will I know that you received my order?
We will e-mail you an order confirmation within 24 hours of receiving your order.
If you do not receive an order confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us to check if your order was received.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we do. Many of our orders come in the form of a Purchase Order. You may fax your Purchase Orders to us at 651-748-8747 or send it via email.
Can I order your products through my local music store?
We work with many music stores across the country, and are always forming relationships with new stores. Contact your local music store to see if they stock our products. If they don’t, tell them you would like to order our products through their store, and ask them to contact us
What shipping options are available?
Orders typically take 3-6 days to ship. If it is necessary for you to receive your music in less than 3 days, please indicate this at the time the order is placed. Additional shipping charges as applicable.
I like the content of the Musical Magic books, but I noticed that the books don’t have as many
colorful pictures as other band methods. Why is that?
Although we believe that there is nothing wrong with colorful pictures to illustrate musical concepts, we do not feel they are necessary for students to learn to play their instrument well. Up to this point, we have focused our efforts on high-quality content rather than fancy graphics, and have seen the students reap the benefits of this approach when they enjoy a feeling of pride and accomplishment as they play well. In the near future, it is our goal to incorporate a minimum amount of color in order to accent the books in a professional and tasteful way.
I am currently using another band method, but am interested in talking to someone about how Musical Magic could fit into our band program. Is there someone I can talk to about my school’s specific needs?
Yes, please call us at 877-650-0004 or contact us to discuss your school’s current music education structure, and how Musical Magic may help you build a stronger program. We understand that choosing a method book or even supplemental material is a big decision, and we talk with many directors every year to give them the information they need to make a decision they feel good about.
My jazz band is playing one of your charts for a music contest. Can I get a judge’s copy of the score?
Yes, we do provide judges’ scores. Simply contact us by phone or email and indicate that you would like to purchase “Adjudicator Copies” of scores. The price for Adjudicator Copies is $9.95 for 3 copies.
I purchased one of your charts a few years ago, and want to use it again this year. However, my jazz ensemble this year has a slightly different instrumentation. What can I do?
Please click Custom Parts for more information on custom parts, or contact us.
I have a jazz chart I’d like to have published. Can I submit it to Increase Music for consideration?
We are always looking for additional high-quality music to add to our product selection. While we do not guarantee that all submissions will be published, we are always considering new material. Please contact us for more details about having your chart considered for publication.
Do you record musicians’ demos?
No, at this time we do not record demos for aspiring musicians, but we wish you well in your pursuit of a professional music career!