Jazz Charts/Custom Parts

Our Jazz Catalog of Originals inspired by the Jazz classics as well as Creative New Titles.Our Catalog Features Original Songs Both Written Over Famous Standard Chord Progressions and Original Forms.
Each Chart has a description and an Mp3 File to hear it as the composer/arr. created it. You can also request custom parts for your jazz band. (see below)
Composer/Arranger list:
Tom Andersen, Susan Leigh, Kevin Mills, Jamey Simmons, Kyle Newmaster, Dave Martin, Greg Kehl Moore, Adi Yeshaya, Mark Buselli, Jeff Rinear, Pete Whitman, Wade Clark, Matt Franko, Dave Singley, Brian Gaber, Jack Cooper, Brian Gaber, Gordy Haab, Joe Riposo, Chip McNeill, Jeff Huddleston, Steve Devich, Greg Stinson, Tom Molter, Laura Caviani, Rodrigo Villanueva,
These are some of the finest jazz band composers in the United States and have provided a wide variety of style/tempos and levels of cutting edge charts ready for concert and competition.

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We are aware that many school jazz ensembles are comprised of a variety of instrumental combinations. That’s why we developed our custom parts line. Just let us know what part or parts you need covered and what instrument you will have playing those parts. We will create a part to meet your needs.
For example, you would like to perform ‘Fats Navarro Rides Again’ and have a clarinet you want to include in your ensemble. Decide which part you would like your clarinetist to cover and place the order.

Chart Name: Fats Navarro Rides Again

Original Part: Alto 2

Custom Part For: Clarinet

Custom parts are available for all of our charts, however due to their nature are non-refundable. You must make range considerations or consult with us regarding the instrumental ranges in each composition. Please note that transpositions in our custom parts line are key signature and clef transpositions only. Actual pitches are intended to sound the same as in the original part. Octave or intervallic transpositions are custom transpositions that are available with special pricing. Call us with any inquiries regarding custom transpositions.

Price: $5.95 per custom part

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