Musical Magic Instrumental Method Component Book 2

Musical Magic
Instrumental Method Component
Musical Magic Book 2

Book 2 Special Pages

Children playing recorders

Fingering and Position Charts

Located at the beginning of the book, each chart shows the fingerings, positions, or keyboard placements of notes and the more common enharmonics. Fingering chart range is extended in book 2.SEE EXAMPLE LINK

Rhythm Page

Each book contains a page of rhythm exercises that are non pitch-specific, so that the student can focus on rhythms without adding the complexity of playing changing pitches.

Warm-Up Page

An instrument-specific warm-up page is included in each book, appropriate for second year students and designed to develop a consistent warm-up routine. Warm-up in book 2 is extended from book 1 to include greater range in long tones and chromatic scale.

Book 2 Concepts Covered

Time Signatures

22, 38, and 68 are all covered, as well as cut time. For the sake of reinforcement, each time signature is visited many times, including students seeing cut time and 22 in succession. SEE EXAMPLE LINK

Key Signatures

More key signatures visited in book 2. New key signatures are introduced gradually, then interspersed with key signatures that students are already familiar with.


Syncopations are explained and introduced, and students are given many exercises with which to gain experience with syncopations. Sixteenth notes and sixteenth note rhythmic combinations are also introduced, setting up a more logical introduction to 38 and 68 time signatures. Triplets are explained towards the end of the book.


Students are exposed to a greater variety of enharmonics in book 2. Enharmonic variations are used often, in the appropriate key context, to give students more familiarity with them. .